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Healthy Snacks, Gifts & Baking Products

At Sunnyland Farms, we pride ourselves on growing, harvesting, and packaging fresh, delicious, food our customers not only savor, but benefit from. After all, when your signature product comes right from the trees on-site, it doesn't get much healthier! 

High-quality healthy snacks, made in the U.S., freshly packaged and sold online, can be hard to come by. Not at Sunnyland! In fact, we harvest our pecans fresh every fall.

Swap one of our delicious, healthy snacks for an unhealthy one – we bet your spouse wont’ even complain. Check out our ideas under the “more” button. Shop our healthy products below, whether for snacking, gifting, baking—or all of the above!

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Healthy Fresh Snacks Made Easy

As one happy customer shared with us, “Nuts are such an enjoyable healthy treat, they belong in the medicine cabinet.” Here are a few facts about our healthy pecans, and healthy products sold:

  • pecans are high in monosaturated fats, which is what dieticians promote for individuals with high cholesterol
  • the oil from pecans and other tree nuts gives a great heart healthy benefit. 
  • pecans are higher in fiber and have soluble and insoluble fiber, which gives gastrointestinal (GI) benefits.

Food, Baking, & Snack Swaps for Healthy Alternatives:

At Sunnyland Farms, we are all about healthy food swaps. For example:

  • Salads - replace croutons with a healthy nut; throw into your salad and enjoy
  • Cereal - toss in a few heart-healthy nuts, adding fiber, protein, and a host of other vitamins and minerals that are good for your body (and not loaded with preservatives, chemicals, or additives).
  • Oatmeal - our customers love throwing in our dried apricots to their hot oatmeal breakfast.
  • Chocolate replacement - try our dates and pecans, for a satisfying snack sure to satisfy any chocolate craving
  • Nut Butter - swap your typical breakfast for either of our delicious nut butters on toast
  • Snacking - nuts are a great snack choice, and a handful of pecans make a perfect, healthy snack. Our nut mixes make a fantastic mid-day snack
  • "Breading" alternative: pecan meal (also known as pecan flour) is a wonderful topping, full or flavor and healthy benefits. You can sprinkle it on a lean piece of fish as an alternative to breadcrumbs, and it will give a nice brown, nutty flavor that is delicious