Macadamia Nuts

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Home Box
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#250 - - 1lb 8oz
#4250 - - Case of 4 #250 - 6lbs total
#9250 - - Case of 9 #250 - 13lb 8oz total
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#251 - - 2lb 6oz
#252 - - 3lb 12oz
#4251 - - Case of 4 #251 - 9lb 8oz total
#9251 - - Case of 9 #251 - 21lb 6oz total
#4252 - - Case of 4 #252 - 15lb total
#6252 - - Case of 6 #252 - 22lb 8oz total
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Macadamia Nuts – Dry Roasted and Salted

The Macadamia, hailing from Hawaii they offer a unique crunch. It is easy to see why Macadamias are on most everyone’s favorite nut list. Ours are the best – bigger than most, more than 90% whole nuts, double-graded, then dry-roasted and salted to perfection.  Kosher certified.

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    Product Description

    Macadamia nuts are on most everybody’s “favorite nut” list. Ours are the best – and bigger than most. They are more than 90% whole nuts, double-graded, then dry-roasted and salted to perfection. They have a light, crunchy texture and are a great source of iron, protein, vitamin A, flavonoids, niacin, riboflavin, and more. No wonder everyone loves them! They are packaged in an ornamental gift tin or an economical home box.

    “Your Macadamias are so good! I have trouble keeping a supply on hand.” Mr. R. D. Kirk, Moody, ME


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    Packaging home box / bulk, gift tin, 1-pound bags
    Specialties salty, kosher, toasted
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