Inside Sunnyland Farms

Many thanks to all who have ordered in the past and to those who will consider us this Fall. We are most grateful for the opportunity to serve you. All the best, willson_sig

One thought on “Inside Sunnyland Farms”

  1. […] I firmly believe in the concept of “know your farmer.” It was a pleasure talking to owners Larry and his son, Alex. Sunnyland Farms isn’t a nameless faceless corporation with faraway board members making decisions. There’s virtually no automation — each and every package that’s shipped is touched by human hands. There are folks working on the farm, in the kitchens, and at the mail order headquarters that have worked there for generations. Multiple members of the same family work at Sunnyland Farms. As I walked the plant with Alex, he addressed everyone by name. He explained that several factories had closed in the area and they felt it was the right thing for the local economy to do to keep real people in the jobs. Currently, pecan shells are repurposed and burned to save energy and help fuel the plant and Alex is looking to installing solar panels. Sunnyland Farms is a feel good story with good-tasting results. (You can learn more about the Willson family and check out there video here.) […]