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Pecans are loved for many reasons: they are satisfying snacks, fantastic for baking and cooking, and serve as universally-loved gifts for hostesses, family, friends, and neighbors. What are pecans? Pecans are a tasty, nutritious, tree nut with a rich history that dates back to the Native Americans. A pecan nut is an oval, edible nut that grows inside of a smooth hard shell. Grown from pecan trees (a type of tall hickory tree) pecans thrive in warm climates such as South Georgia. Georgia is the largest pecan producing state, and Albany, Georgia is known as the pecan capital of the world. Albany also happens to be the home of Sunnyland Farms, a 4th-generation family owned pecan farm. At Sunnyland, we have been producing the finest pecans since 1948. And when your goal is to be the #1 pecan provider in terms of quality, you've learned a lot along the way. Enjoy our collection on this page of all things Pecans.

Fun Facts about Pecans
Pecans in Hands
  • Pecans have the highest antioxidant content of any tree nut
  • Georgia Pecans have been around since Columbus arrived
  • Pecans have a higher oil content than most other nuts
  • Sunnyland Has Sold Pecans Since 1948
  • 30% of Americans say pee-kahn, 21% say pi-kahn, and 13% say pee-can
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