Jumbo Raw Hazelnuts

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We get our unblanced raw Hazelnuts from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. This region is known for producing the sweetest, crispiest hazelnuts in the country and our grower puts aside some just for us. Our Jumbo Raw Hazelnuts are perfect for snacking and make wonderful gifts anytime of the year.  Kosher certifed. 

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    Product Description

    Hazelnuts are a member of the birch family. Wild hazelnuts grow as a low shrub over much of the eastern and norther United States. The fruit of wild bushes is usually quite small and not worth much commercially. Most commercial U.S. Hazelnut plantings are in the Willamette River valley or Oregon. This is where we get ours! Raw Hazelnuts are growing in popularity in the United States but have a ways to go to reach the appreciation Europeans have for them. Whereas the average American eats a couple of ounces of filberts annually the average German eats about 2.5 pounds per year.

    Storage of hazelnuts is much simpler than for other nuts. They will stay in good condition for many weeks at cool room temperature (70 degrees F. or lower) and stay fresh for up to a year in a home refrigerator.

    Hazelnuts: Health Benefits

    • An excellent source of protein and B vitamins
    • The highest of any nut (along with macadamias) in mono-unsaturated fatty acids – the “good” fats
    • Packed with several minerals, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

    Looking For Something Other Than Jumbo Raw Hazelnuts?

    We have many raw nuts to choose from. 

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    Hazelnuts - Dry Roasted No Salt

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    Packaging home box / bulk, 1-pound bags
    Specialties kosher, raw
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