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Candied Pecans

The secret to incredible candied pecans? Starting with the highest quality raw pecans of course! And when you start with Sunnyland pecans, you’ve got your bases covered. Our candy pecans (also known as glazed pecans, or sugared pecans), are the highest quality you’ll find, online or in person. 

Introducing our signature Simply Cinnamon, our divine Orange and Lavender Pecans, or a Sunnyland customer favorite, our Honey Kissed pecans. And of course, if you are a baker, start with our raw pecan halves. You won’t find a fresher product anywhere! 

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Sunnyland Candied Pecans FAQs

Want to know more about our products? Check out a few frequently asked questions below. 

Where to buy candied pecans?

Pecans are best when you know where they come from! Sunnyland has been a mail-order pecan farm, family-owned since 1948. We are an online food company, grower, and sheller, and we ship on site, direct to your door. We ship pecans, gourmet nuts, dried fruit, and baked goodies to tens of thousands of customers all around the US. We’d be honored for you to be part of our loyal customer family.

How long can you keep candied pecans?

Pecans should be kept cold, in either the freezer or refrigerator for 9-24 months. This ensures there is no loss in quality. Fun fact: coated nuts last longer than plain nuts!  

What do you do with candied pecans?

Candied pecans are fantastic for salads, dessert replacements, and satisfying snacking. Fair warning: they’re addictive! 

Where are your pecans grown?

We grow pecans right here on our 1,700-acre pecan farm in Albany, Georgia and we also source from only the best pecan farms around the state. Albany is known as the pecan capital of the world. We harvest fresh pecans every season.

How are your candy, glazed, and sugar pecans different than others? 

The taste of our pecans is unlike any other you would’ve had in stores. While many sellers ship from other countries or have product that sits on their shelves for years, Sunnyland pecans is guaranteed to provide the freshest pecans you’ll find anywhere. The best candied pecans start with a high-quality raw product. 

How to make candied pecans?

If you were to visit Sunnyland and tour our kitchen, you would smell heaven on earth! Our candied pecans are made with a candy coating cooked in a pot, and then the nuts are stirred in and coated. We make everything here on site. 

What ingredients are your candied pecans made from?

Our Lavender and Orange pecans are made with 100% pure, food-grade lavender and orange essential oils. Our Simply Cinnamon pecans are made with sugar, milk, cinnamon and real vanilla. Our honey-kissed pecan halves are made with a sea salt glaze, and plenty of Gallberry Honey (unique to Georgia) for sweetness—the perfect combination!

What other sweet pecans do you have?

Our chocolate pecans aren’t necessarily considered “candied” pecans, but they are equally as amazing. Check out our selection of gourmet chocolate pecans and other nut and dried food sweets.