Pecans In-The-Shell

Do you have nostalgia for cracking in-shell (aka unshelled) pecans from childhood? Sunnyland Farms’ unshelled pecans can help you keep your family tradition alive. Order yours today: always free shipping.

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Showing all 2 results

Sunnyland Farms Unshelled Georgia Pecans

 This is the thing about in-the-shell pecans: typically they’re purchased and beloved by those who grew up in a region where they had them in the backyard. Or, they watched their grandmother sit, crack and shell them which brings on fond nostalgia.

Our most valuable commodity is time-unless something special evokes memories, traditions, and conversations. 

This is a special holiday tradition for many, and we can help you keep this alive with a big bowl of our pecans IN shell for sale. Choose from our delicious Schleys In-The-Shell pecans or our Desirable In-The-Shell pecans.


“We’d been going to the supermarket to get packs of nuts – our nut mix was delicious but pricey. I had to find a place that sold fresh nuts at a better price. Last year I bought delicious Schley pecans from Sunnyland farms – I figured I’d check them out. Wow!”

“We have been buying their Schley pecans for at least four years. They are fantastic, large with easily cracked shells and so delicious. We look forward to them every November. We buy the 10 pound box and freeze about 7 pounds right away, as there’s no loss of quality and we can savor them past Christmas. Well worth the price for a very special treat.”