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Pecan Fruitcake Combo

One Dark Loaf – One Light Loaf

If you love our Pecan Fruitcake, be sure to try our Pecan Fruit Cake Combo. Receive a loaf of each of our prize winning Fruitcakes.  Each loaf 1 lb. 7 oz.  Both delicious!

Select packaging:
Gift Box
Gift Box
Home Box
Home Box
Gift Box
No. 190 - 2 loaves 1lb 7oz each - 2lb 14oz total
No. 4190 - case of 4 (2 loaves 1lb 7oz ea) - 8 loaves total
No. 9190 - case of 9 (2 loaves 1lb 7oz each) - 18 loaves total
Home Box
No. 191 - 2 loaves 1lb 7oz ea - 2lb 14oz total
No. 4191 - case of 4 (2 loaves 1lb 7oz ea) - 8 loaves total
No. 9191 - case of 9 (2 loaves 1lb 7oz ea) - 18 loaves total

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  • Description

    Product Description

    The package includes a loaf of each of our prize-winning fruitcakes in one box. Both are made with real butter, tasty Sunnyland pecans, lots of fruit, and our special spice blend. Our traditional light fruitcake loaf also includes orange juice, while our dark loaf contains grape juice (the secret ingredient). They are perfect for making your holidays extra special, or good for any time of the year!

    Packaging Options

    Our Pecan Fruitcake Combo is available is either a Square Gift Box or the larger home box. 

    Beyond Pecan Fruitcake Loaves

    Looking for something a bit different? We have a variety of cakes are created by Sunnyland Farms!

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  • Additional Information
    Packaging home box / bulk, signature tin, gift tin
    Ingredients pecans, fruit
    Specialties sweet, gift
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