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Vintage Pecan Duet

Our latest creation from the Sunnyland kitchen using our famous Georgia pecans! Try our Lavender and Orange Flavored Pecans and Simply Cinnamon Pecans. Nothing artificial here, simple, delicious yet unique.

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    Nobody Does Flavored Pecans Quite Like Sunnyland Farms

    Nobody does flavored pecans like Sunnyland Farms! Fortunately, our Vintage Pecan Duet product offers two amazing flavors. Both are made with simple ingredients:

    • Lavender and Orange with sugar, orange juice, ginger and Lavender and Orange oils. The orange flavor is 100% natural, and we use Orange and Lavender 100% pure, food-grade essential oils 
    • Simply Cinnamon with sugar, milk, cinnamon and real vanilla - sweet, simple, perfect

    There is nothing artificial in the Simply Cinnamon or the Lavender and Orange. No artificial flavorings, no preservatives. 

    All ingredients except for the pecans are put into a pot where the coating is cooked to the right consistency. Then the pecans are stirred in and stirred until coated. They are then poured onto a cooling table to cool, then packed immediately.

    Perfect for salads, main dishes, desserts, snacking, food gifts, and more!

    There are only two problems we see with the Vintage Pecan Duet: the first, is that it may provoke arguments on which flavor is the best; second, once you get them in your house, they're going to go fast! And if you do manage to save a few, they store beautifully in the freezer. 

    Ready to see for yourself? Buy yours today! 

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    Vintage Pecan Duet

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