Covid-19 Updates

As the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve we thought it would be a good idea to provide a place for customers to see additional steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our employees and to ensure we continue to provide “Only the Best” products in a safe manner. Additionally, we will provide updates on what Sunnyland Farms is doing in the Albany, GA community to give back during this great time of need.


Additional On-Site Safety Precautions:

As a food production company Sunnyland Farms already has a very stringent food-safety program in place to ensure the sanitary production of food. In addition to these already stringent procedures during the current coronavirus pandemic we will supplement this program with additional measures including:

·         Company-wide check-in meetings held every morning at 8 AM before work begins. These are to re-iterate sanitation, social distancing and for employees to raise concerns if needed.

·         No visitors without a business purpose allowed on-site.

·         No customers currently allowed on-site.

·         All employees adhering to social distancing.

·         Guides to proper hand washing placed at every sink.

·         Additional hand sanitizer placed around common areas.

·         Complete review of proper hand washing techniques at the beginning of each shift.

·         Production workers will stop work and wash hands throughout shift in addition to at the beginning.

·         All production surfaces sanitized regularly.


Additional Employee Precautions:

Our employees are the heartbeat of our business and our foremost concern is their safety. During the current coronavirus outbreak, we are providing them with the following tools for their safety:

·         Providing additional PTO for all employees if needed due to sickness, childcare needs or any other requirement for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

·         Working remotely where possible.

·         Staggering shifts by department in order to keep common areas from becoming congested.

·         Allowing employees to call out of work for any reason with absolutely no negative repercussions. We understand that this is a trying time not only on small businesses but also families and individuals. First and foremost, we want our people to be emotionally and physically well and if days off are needed we want them to take them.


Corporate Stewardship:

Giving back is ingrained in Sunnyland Farms people and culture. During trying times, while we are able to operate, we think finding ways to give back are important. Here are some of our efforts so far.

·         Donated a portion of all sales from March 19-22 to our local chapter of Helping Hands End Hunger, a non-profit whose mission is to” Empower students to repurpose unopened food from school cafeterias and join hands with their communities to feed hungry families.” Thanks to you, our customers, we were able to donate over $5,000 to this amazing organization.

·        Donated 500 four ounce bags of our Heavenly Mix to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital’s staff on the front lines of the coronavirus battle.

·        Celebrated our employees hard-work and dedication to our customers during this crisis by sending them all home with a pizza on a Friday afternoon after a long week.

·         Donated 150 eight ounce bags of our Granola to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital’s staff on the front lines of the coronavirus battle.