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Sunnyland Farms' Chocolate Carousel

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! Three favorite Milk Chocolate candies arrive in our delectable Chocolate Carousel. 24 of our Pecan Caramel Clusters, 10 oz of Choco-Pecans, 16 pieces of buttery Almond Toffee. An elegant gift that is much appreciated.

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Premium Gift Tin
Premium Gift Tin
Home Box
Home Box
Premium Gift Tin
#421 - 2 lb 4 oz
#6421 - case of 6 - 13 lb 8 oz total
Home Box
#522 - 3 lb
#4522 - case of 4 - 12 lb total
#6522 - case of 6 - 18 lb total

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Chocolate, chocolate, and more luscious chocolate! Our chocolate carousel includes 3 favorite Milk Chocolate candies all made in small batches:

    • 24 Pecan Caramel Clusters
    • 10 oz. of Choco-Pecans
    • 16 pieces of Almond Toffee

    It makes a wonderful gift. Buy one for someone special, and one for yourself too!

    “Always the BEST comes from Sunnyland Farms, so we are sending to our friends and remembering ourselves too.” Mrs. E. Brines, Tacoma, WA

    Packaging Options

    Choose from either our Premium Gift Tin or our Home Box! 

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    Chocolate Carousel

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