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Corporate Gifts: How to Impress Customers and Cultivate Strong Business Relationships

For many businesses and organizations, corporate gifting is an important part of cultivating and growing business relationships. According to Forbes, 57% of respondents in a recent business gifts satisfaction survey stated that “gifts can impact their opinion of a business partner both positively and negatively.” Over 80% of C-suite executives believe that business gifts generate measurable positive ROI in addition to intangible benefits.

There are many fantastic benefits of sending a great gift for business purposes:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Strengthened partnerships and business relationships
  • Staying top of mind with prospects and leads

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of generic, inappropriate, or forgettable gifts on the market. You may be too busy to shop properly, or you may not know enough about the person’s personal interests. 

Corporate gifting can be tricky, for these and many other reasons:

  • Gifts can add to clutter if they’re not enjoyed. And in the days of Marie Kondo and minimalism, you want to give business gifts that the recipient will genuinely appreciate
  • People nowadays are very health conscious (for better or worse!) and not everyone enjoys sweets or sugary treats 
  • Safe” gifts can feel generic and boring, and you want to spice things up
  • Gift cards don’t always feel personal or memorable
  • Wine or alcohol which may be offensive or may be lost on the person who doesn’t drink 
  • You want a gift that will ultimately benefit your business relationship and bring your business top of mind, but you don’t want your logo splashed everywhere. You need a happy medium. 

Because corporate gifting can be so important, it often results in anxiety and frustration as you go through the research, selection, buying, and follow up process. Like many of our corporate clients, you may have the following wish list in mind: 

  • You want your gift to be useful and bring delight to the person who receives it 
  • You want to choose gifts that will be universally appealing 
  • You want a present that brings delight to the person who receives it
  • Quality and presentation matter
  • Shipping should be free, fast and reliable  
  • You’re just plain busy and need to cross gifts off your to-do list 

Introducing Sunnyland Farms Corporate and Business Gift Guide

Business gifts are memorable when they’re personal, customized with a personal message, and the details are paid attention to. You want to give a gift that’s a reflection of your sincere appreciation, gratitude, or joy to have these people in your professional world. Everyone likes to know someone took the time out of the day to send a gesture of thanks, appreciation, and goodwill. 

Sunnyland Farms is your corporate gift partner for:

  • Employees, associates, and colleagues 
  • Vendors, partners, investors, and referral partners 
  • Clients, prospects, leads, and potential customers 
  • Bosses, executives and higher ups 
  • General “Thank you” and “appreciation gifts

Our customers love our free shipping included in the cost, our customization and collaboration to make sure all the details are taken care of, and of course our high-quality nuts, pecans, chocolates, cakes and treats. Check out our latest video where we’ve highlighted some of our happy Sunnnyland corporate customers:

Gifts That Appeal to Everyone On Your List 

Corporate gift-giving does not have to be associated with buying boring, generic gifts (although most one-size-fits-all products you find online are usually a little less than exciting). 

But not at Sunnyland! 

Due to the breadth of our gourmet options, our gifts are perfect for those who fit all the below criteria:

  • love sweets
  • are health-conscious
  • love to bake
  • love to eat
  • love to host parties and soirees
  • are into food trends and social movements, like farm-to-table, and US-made products

The Pitfalls of Buying Online (Not at Sunnyland!)

Shopping online for gifts can be a challenge. You’re worried that what the product looks like in real life will be a big disappointment compared with how it’s presented online. 

At Sunnyland Farms, our gifts look better IRL (in real life) than they do online. This is because most of the time when you buy business gifts online, you’re often going through a third party. At Sunnyland farms, you’re buying direct. We are unique in that we have our farm, manufacturing area, and online business all on-site. In fact, if you’re ever driving through Albany, Georgia (the pecan capital of the world), stop by our farm and visit our chocolate shop. 

Business Gifts You Can Feel Good About 

The peace of mind knowing you’re buying a great gift for someone else is priceless. Our products come directly from our farm, not from a middle man. When you buy your corporate gifts from Sunnyland Farms, you can feel good knowing your purchase and gift is contributing to many important social movements:

  • farm-to-table
  • family-owned business
  • U.S-made products 

And don’t forget, if you need year-round business gifts, we offer those as well: 

  • For the office
  • Employee recognition
  • Employee anniversaries
  • Client thank you and appreciation gifts
  • Incentive and premium gifts 
  • Sales and milestone rewards
  • Job well-done gifts 

Shop With Us Today 

If you’re looking for something unique and stress-free, we hope you’ll consider us at Sunnyland Farms. Remember, shipping is free, and our customer service is unbeatable. Shop today, reach out or call us today.