The Brittle Collection

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Gift Tin
Gift Tin
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Home Box
Gift Tin

#112 - - 1lb 5oz
#4112 - - Case of 4 #112 - 5lb 4oz total
#9112 - - Case of 9 #112 - 11lb 13oz total
Home Box

#115 - - 3lb
#3115 - - Case of 3 #115 - 9lb total
#5115 - - Case of 5 #115 - 15lb total

All Your Favorites!


Try all 3 of our delicious Brittles: Pecan – Peanut – Cashew. Unlike other nut brittle, ours always starts with fresh nuts! Each is pulled extra thin and simply can’t be beat. The Brittle Collection makes for lovely gift baskets filled with a taste of the South. 


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    Product Description

    Look at all those nuts! Sunnyland’s nut brittles are packed full of delicious, crunchy cashews, peanuts and pecans. This gives our brittle an extra nutty taste that is crunchy down to the last piece. The result is an exceptional brittle that is oh so very good. Just make sure you get enough for everyone!

    “This is the best Peanut Brittle on the market. Even better than what I make.” Mrs. F. Currigan, Fort Myers, FL

    “My husband and stepson have demolished the Pecan Brittle and are looking for more.”   Jane Fanning, Harwood, MD

    “For Christmas we received a gift of Cashew Brittle.  It was absolutely delicious!!” Louise Kurth, Omaha, NE

    No artificial preservatives. No artificial flavors. No hydrogenated oils.

    Packaging Options

    Choose from either our attractive gift tin or please a crowd with our home box. 

    Other Nut Brittle and Candies

    We have many other brittles and gourmet candy treats fresh from our kitchen to choose from. 

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    Packaging home box / bulk, signature tin, gift tin
    Ingredients pecans, peanuts
    Specialties sweet, gift
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