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Dried Fruits

Always-In-Season Dried Fruit

While Sunnyland Farms is your number one source for fresh nuts online, we also carry a dynamic selection of dried fruits. Whether you are looking for a healthy on-the-go snack or high-quality ingredients to use in your recipes, we have just what you desire.

From mouth-watering sun-dried apricots to the medley of flavors in our fruit compote, you simply can’t go wrong. What’s more is that, because dried fruits are always in season, you can enjoy your favorites any time of year!

Experience the flavor sensation of our medjool dates. Add some classic flavor to your lunch with a side of our dried pears. Take your salad to new heights when you add our golden or flame raisins. You can even introduce more fiber into your diet in the most delicious way with our pitted prunes and glace apricots.

At Sunnyland Farms, we are nuts and more! The quality and flavor you have come to expect from our fresh nuts is also present in every single dried fruit offering we carry. Order today and find your new favorite!

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Sunnyland's Dried Fruit FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions we get about our dried fruit products.

How is Sunnyland's dried fruit online different from dried fruit in the grocery store, or elsewhere?

Like our premium nuts and pecans, our dried fruit is sourced from small, US-based growers who have the high standards of premium products as we do. For example, our apricots are from northern California and are extremely flavorful. Our partners monitor the entire process just as we do. Premium products mean the highest quality texture, flavor, and color. You won't find the biggest or best dried fruit - online or in the stores! 

Are dry fruit fruits good for you? 

Some dried fruit is "candied," or "sugared." That is not the case with Sunnyland's dried fruit. Sunnyland's dried fruit (or dry fruits as they're sometimes called) only contain sugar that is naturally occurring. This is much healthier than table sugar or other processed sugars. Additionally, when you eat fruit you not only get the flavor from the fructose but you’re also getting fiber and other minerals and vitamins that your body needs. Most fruits are high in Vitamin C and high in fiber, making dried fruits a wonderful, healthy snack (and a great alternative to chips!) that is filling. And the best part? They're great for carrying on the go.

How is Dried Fruit bought online?

Here at Sunnyland, we offer home boxes for our Apricots, Medjool, and Deglet dates. We also offer Home Boxes and Gift Tins for those who love to give thoughtful, healthy gifts. All of our fruit can be purchased in our DIY bags if you would like to try them all! 

Remember, free shipping is included - no minimum required. Thank you for shopping with Sunnyland.