Light Fruitcake

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Round Cake in Gift Tin
Round Cake in Gift Tin
3 Loaf Cakes in Homebox
3 Loaf Cakes in Homebox
1-Pound "D-I-Y" Bags
Round Cake in Gift Tin

#193 - - 1 2lb 4oz round cake
#4193 - - Case of 4 #193 - 4 cakes total
#9193 - - Case of 9 #193 - 9 cakes total
3 Loaf Cakes in Homebox

#194 - - 3 loaves 1lb 7oz each - 4lb 5oz total
#4194 - - Case of 4 #194 - 12 loaves total
#6194 - - Case of 6 #194 - 18 loaves total
"Do-It-Yourself" Bags

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Packed with Fruit and Fresh Pecans!

Our Traditional Light Pecan Fruitcake is made with real butter, orange juice, lots of fruit and Sunnyland Pecans. The combination of sweet fruit and fresh pecans make this a holiday must have. A favorite on many a holiday table.


Use a sharp, damp, non-serrated knife.  The colder the cake,

the easier to slice.  Use these tips for near perfect slices.

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    Product Description

    There’s nothing like a delicious fruitcake loaf to make your holiday memories extra special! Our traditional Light Pecan Fruitcake loaves are made with real butter, orange juice, lots of fruit and tasty Georgia Grown Pecans. Fruitcake loaves are the gift that keeps on giving any time of the year! 

    “I used to think I made the best Light Fruitcake in the world (my mother’s recipe), but yours is far better!” S. Ebbs, Asheville NC

    Packaging Options

    Sunnyland Farms' Light Pecan Fruitcake is available as either a round cake in a lovely gift tin or as 3 Loaf Cakes in a Home Box. You will get approximately...12 slices from Round Fruit Cakes and 7 slices from each loaf cake.

    Beyond Light Pecan Fruitcake 

    We understand that not everyone adores fruit cake the way we do, which is way we offer more tasty confections, always crafted in small batches right here at Sunnyland Farms. 

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    Packaging home box / bulk, signature tin, gift tin, 1-pound bags
    Ingredients pecans, fruit
    Specialties sweet, gift
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