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Where to Buy Pecans (Online, in Georgia and Beyond!)

How to Select the Best Pecans:

The best raw pecans are found when all parts of the process - from harvesting to shipping - are done on site, where everything is managed top down. Pecans are sold at many different price points, but often, the price reflects the quality. With nuts, you'll get exactly what you pay for. Also, the best Georgia pecan growers go through a certification process every year. 

As we gear up for pecan harvest in the next few weeks, one of the most exciting things is the upcoming crop of fresh pecans right from the tree. One might think that all pecans in the Fall season are fresh but that is definitely not the case. Many pecans you buy are from at least the previous crop year, and some could even be older than that. We recently wrote about the harvest process and our beautiful pecan trees.

Picking out fresh pecans can often be confusing. There are hundreds of different varieties and many different sizes. There is a substantial difference in flavor in a fresh, raw pecan, versus one that came from a can of nuts you get at the store. When looking for the freshest pecans you should look for a light, bright color. If the color is amber or a dark brown then either the pecan is old or it has not been stored correctly and could be rancid. (Check out our top pecan nutrition facts and faqs!) 

Why Georgia Pecans?

Georgia is the leading pecan-producing state in the U.S. In particular, Albany, GA is known as the "pecan capital of the world" due to the number of pecan trees (more than 600,000).  Beyond that, Georgia is the home of the National Nut Growers Association, which was established in Albany in 1901. Georgia pecans are the best you'll find anywhere.

How to Store Raw Pecans:

Pecans have a higher oil content than most other nuts which, while making their flavor profile delicious, makes their shelf life at room temperature limited. When at all possible, pecans should be stored in a cool environment when using immediately and stored in a freezer if not used immediately.

Retail stores often make the error of storing their fresh pecans at room temperature. While the pecans may start "fresh" they often degrade after being stored incorrectly. It is for this reason that many people have never really tasted a truly fresh pecan! When you buy pecans off the grocery store shelf, you don't know how long they have sat there. Freshness is a huge component to keeping your pecans tasting their best. To learn more about how to store nuts, pecans, and dried fruit, check out our storage guide instructions here

Why Buy Pecans From Sunnyland Farms:

Here at Sunnyland Farms in Albany, Ga, we are uniquely focused on producing only the highest quality pecan halves and pecan pieces. Not only do we guarantee that all of our raw pecans are "new crop pecans" from the latest crop year, but we also make sure that they are stored correctly until they ship to you. Unlike many other websites that sell pecans online, we are a farm, manufacturer, toaster and packer: we manage the whole process. That means taking care of our trees, harvesting, cleaning, shelling, and grading, grading, grading. Quality is our #1 concern. 

That's the Sunnyland difference, and it's a difference that you can definitely taste and see. So, if you're a pecan lover like we are then please take a look at all of our raw pecans and be rest assured that they will be the best you have ever tasted!