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Plant-Based Snacks And Gifts

When your signature product grows on the trees of your orchard, you don’t get more plant-based than that. Our Sunnyland Farms Georgia pecans have been harvested and sold since 1948, along with many other delicious nuts and pecan-based products. 

When you eat plant-based, you want to feel good about how you get your proteins. Pecans offer a good “healthy” fat, as well as nutritional value and protein. Shop our vegan, plant-based products today – free, fast shipping!

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Plant-Based Diet, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Sunnyland Farms 

On a plant-based diet, it’s important to get your protein from sources other than animals. A plant-based diet may fall under vegan or vegetarian. Here are a few good things to know about our plant-based products and the difference between our vegetarian and vegan foods:

  • In general, nuts are plant-based and fall in the line of a vegan diet, which is defined as no animal products whatsoever. These Sunnyland products contain dairy, making them off-limits to strict vegans: chocolates, flavored pecans, nut butters, and baked goods. However, our raw, toasted, and salted pecans, nuts, and nut mixes are great vegan choices.
  • Vegetarians, who may include eggs and dairy in their diet, also follow a plant-based diet. Sunnyland has many gourmet, delicious vegetarian products. Our delectable pecan butter, for example, is made simply with only pecans and salted butter, making this product vegetarian, not vegan. The same goes for our delicious Simply Cinnamon pecans – they are made with milk, making them vegetarian, not vegan. And finally, all of our gourmet chocolate goodies are vegetarian due to the milk in their ingredients.