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Kosher Pecans And Nuts

Shopping for high-quality nuts and pecans that are certified Kosher, heart-healthy, and pack a nutritional punch? Look no further! At Sunnyland Farms, our pecans, nuts, and nut mixes are 100% delicious and 100% Kosher. These products meet the guidelines of the Orthodox Rabbinical team of the Atlanta Kasthruth Commission and pass the satisfaction taste tests of our Kosher customers all around the world. 

Our Kosher pecans and nuts are great for Passover, Purim, Rosh Hashanah, and Hanukkah (Chanukah) and are beautifully presented (plus ship fast and free!). Or they can be enjoyed simply for Shabbat and everyday Kosher snacking and baking needs. Shop and sample our Kosher pecans, nuts, and nut mixes today.

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Sunnyland Farms Kosher Process

For many years, only our Raw Georgia Pecans – the Mammoth, Junior Halves, Large and Small pieces – were certified Kosher. Today, Sunnyland has expanded our selection of certified Kosher products to include all of our nuts, as well as our nut mixes. That means our Pistachios, Macadamia, and Hazelnuts are now Kosher and can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

The Atlanta Kashruth Commission (“AKC”) conducted the original Kosher certification process under the supervision of Rabbi Reuven Stein. AKC has developed a worldwide reputation in the field of kosher supervision and kosher certification.

To certify our single toasted and all mixed nut varieties, we had to complete the “Kosherization process” on our toaster. It was a 2-day process starting with a complete clean/degrease of the equipment.  Then the toaster had to sit and “air out” for 24 hours before being filled with water and brought to a boil. This was all under the supervision of an Atlanta Rabbi.

Shop our Kosher products today – as always, our standard shipping is free with no minimum purchase.