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Diabetes-Friendly Pecan Snacks and Gifts

More than ever before, a diabetes-friendly diet does not mean you must be subject to bland, boring food. At Sunnyland Farms, we should know. Our delicious, fresh gourmet pecans, pecan products, and nuts are wonderful choices for stabilizing blood sugars―while also being tasty and packing a nutritious punch. 

Our customers use them in a number of ways: a handful of mixed nuts with an orange to prevent a spike in blood sugar, a smear of pecan butter on an apple, a drizzle of pecan oil for flavoring on non-starchy vegetables, or a small handful of pecans on the go. 

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Diabetes, Pecans, and Tree Nuts

One of the biggest complaints is flavorless food, boredom, and burnout with tasteless foods following a diabetes-friendly diet. We get it – who wants to be bored while eating?

Because our business has been pecans since 1948, and pecans and nuts are naturally compliant and beneficial for many diets and conditions, including diabetes, we know a thing or two about pecans and nuts. Adding flavors and textures helps with monotony and feeling restricted. Here are a few facts about diabetes and our favorite tree nut, the pecan.

  • Pecans, and pecan oil, can help to prevent spikes in blood sugars because the added and fat and protein are an excellent insulin stabilizer
  • The key to a diabetes-friendly diet is to prevent spikes. When you pair a piece of fruit with a nut butter, for example, there are many benefits: more staying power, it’s digested more slowly, and you don’t get quite the spike in blood sugar you would if eating a banana itself. The combination changes how it’s digested, and that changes the impact on blood sugars.
  • Fiber is helpful for diabetes management, and with pecans, you get fiber and a heart health benefit too when eating pecans in a moderate amount.