Dark Chocolate Pecan Clusters

Dark Chocolate Pecan Clusters (Turtles)

After nearly 100  years, Pecan Caramel Clusters or ‘Turtles’ are still one of the most popular nut candies. And ours are the best. Crisp pecan pieces smothered with thick creamy caramel, and enrobed in our rich Dark Chocolate. Each Cluster is individually wrapped! Some of the finest gourmet candy in the South. 

Select packaging:
Gift Tin
Gift Tin
Friendship Tin
Friendship Tin
Home Box
Home Box
Gift Tin
No. 381 - 1lb
No. 4381 - case of 4 - 4lb total
No. 9381 - case of 9 - 9lb total
Friendship Tin
No. 408 - 1lb 12oz
No. 6408 - case of 6 - 10lb 8oz total
Home Box
No. 382 - 1lb 14oz
No. 383 - 3lb 8oz
No. 4382 - case of 4 - 7lb 8oz total
No. 3383 - case of 3 - 10lb 8oz total
No. 6382 - case of 6 - 11lb 4oz total
No. 5383 - case of 5 - 17lb 8oz total

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  • Description

    Product Description

    After nearly 100 years, Pecan Turtles (or Pecan Caramel Clusters) are still one of the most popular types of gourmet candy we create. Fresh,  pecan pieces are smothered with a thick creamy caramel. Each turtle is then enrobed in our rich, decadent Dark Chocolate. Each one is then carefully packed and individually wrapped for maximum quality as well as maximum freshness!

    Product Description

    Our Dark Chocolate Pecan Clusters come in a variety of packaging options to best suit your needs. Our gift tin selections are perfect for a wide range of occasions, from corporate to personal. Looking for the most bang for your buck? Then choose one of economical home boxes. All packaging comes individually or by the case to truly maximize the savings. And of course, free shipping has always been our standard at Sunnyland Farms so there are never any surprises at checkout. 

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    Packaging home box / bulk, signature tin, gift tin
    Ingredients pecans, chocolate
    Specialties sweet, gift
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