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A Legacy of Updates

1964 FamilyMy grandparents always considered Sunnyland Farms customers their friends which led to the creation of the Sunnyland Farms and Willson Family update sections in the annual catalog. In 1960 my grandfather, Harry Willson, wrote that my grandmother, Jane, was helping him again that year in the mail order after not being able to do so the prior year. Their first girl after having three boys had been born in late October, 1959. Many of Harry and Jane’s mail order friends wrote to congratulate them on their baby girl and to ask about the boys which led to Harry writing a few words about the family in the following year’s catalog. “The Willson Family Update” was born and later expanded to also include “The Sunnyland Farms” update.

These two pieces are now cornerstones of the annual catalog and provide us with a way of sharing a bit about ourselves with our customers. The continued and overwhelmingly positive feedback to these sections led us to think about how we could provide our friends and customers with more updates like these. After tossing around a few ideas we came up with what we think is the winner: dedicating a specific section of our website to such a cause. We are happy to announce the creation of the “Pecan Post” page to provide information on various happenings around Sunnyland Farms!

The new “Pecan Post” page will be a blog of sorts, with a variety of focuses, or perhaps no focus at all! The posts may range from an employee spotlight to a wonderful recipe we discovered. We may tell you about a new product we are crafting or what is occurring in the pecan industry as a whole. The great thing about creating a page such as this one is that the possibilities are endless. While the annual catalog updates will never be replaced we look forward to supplementing them with a web page where we can communicate to you year-round and in turn to where you can provide us with your comments and feedback. If there is something you really want to hear about, let us know and if we see enough similar requests we’ll be sure to post about it!