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Toasted & Salted Whole Almonds


Traditional Gift Tin

We take our unblanched, whole almonds, toast them to perfection, then add a light dusting of salt. Crispy and crunchy and simply delicious.

No. 184 - Traditional Gift Tin Net Wt 1 Lb 12 Oz
No. 4184 - Case Of 4 No 184 Shipped To One Address
No. 9184 - Case Of 9 No 184 Shipped To One Address
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Product Description

Our whole, unblanched toasted almonds have been cooked to perfection. They’re crunchy, crispy, and quite honestly – delicious! Almonds are also among the healthiest nuts in the nut family. They contain very beneficial amounts of protein, fiber, iron, zinc, and calcium (just to name a few). They’re perfect to have on hand when you reach that time of the day when you need a quick, tasty snack and you know you need to also grab something healthy. These salted whole almonds come packaged in a traditional gift tin.

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Case of 4 No 184 shipped to one address, Case of 9 No 184 shipped to one address, Traditional Gift Tin Net wt 1 lb 12 oz







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gift tin