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Shelled Pistachios – Dry Roasted and Salted


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Kick back and relax. Treat yourself to these #1 quality kernels without a bit of work. They come from the finest fully tree-ripened, naturally open Pistachios.

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Our shelled pistachios come from a grower who’s an expert at dry-roasting. This is why ours are the most flavorful, crunchiest ones that you’ll find anywhere. They are a wonderful way to eat healthy. Our dry roasted and salted pistachios are rich in healthy nutrients like cholesterol-lowering healthy fats and fibers. They are also low in calories! You will be surprised at how many different ways you can find to add this tasty nut to your eating habits. They can be added to salads, used in recipes, or eaten as is for a snack. You will quickly realize just how versatile and useful this nut really is – Enjoy!

Pistachios: Additional Information

The pistachio is one of the most elegant nuts. Its name alone brings visions of exotic and special foods. The nuts grow on small trees that are around twenty feet tall. These deciduous trees are a species of turpentine. In their natural state, pistachios come from the tree in a gummy husk which is removed by a special soaking process. Pistachios are often dyed red or green. Know why? When the nuts lie on the ground too long the shell becomes stained. Our pistachios are harvested immediately which means they are natural in color. Many people enjoy eating pistachios kernels as a nutritious snack. Our Sunnyland Farms pistachios are truly nuts of distinction.

Pistachios: Health Benefits

Pistachios are part of a heart healthy diet. They are also known to help with weight management and improved digestion.  The fat content in pistachios is very low when compared to other nuts and they contain no sodium when eaten raw. Pistachios are a good source of dietary fiber with a high copper content which helps in the higher absorption of iron into the body from food sources.

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Case of 4 No 177 to one address, Case of 9 No 177 to one address, Home Box Net wt 2 lb 2 oz


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Shelled Pistachios Nutrition Facts