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Apricots are soft, sweet and delicious! Very different from our dried Apricots above. As soon as the fruit ripens, it is picked and dried in the sun. It’s then soaked in a special sugar-syrup until each apricot has become a marvelous tart-sweet dessert confection.

No. 329 - Gift Box 24 Glace Apricots
No. 4329 - Case Of 4 No 329 Shipped To One Address
No. 6329 - Case Of 6 No 329 Shipped To One Address

Product Description

Glacé Apricots are a luscious treat. They are useful as a sweet ingredient to be added to desserts and cakes, plus they can be eaten by themselves too. They are moist, plump, and we’re sure your whole family will enjoy them. They are packaged out in a handsome gift box that has been thoughtfully packed with separate layers, so they arrive already nice enough to show off at your next family get-together or even your fanciest celebrations.

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Case of 4 No 329 shipped to one address, Case of 6 No 329 shipped to one address, Gift Box 24 Glacé Apricots

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gift box


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Glace Apricots Nutrition Facts
Glace Apricots Nutrition Facts