Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle


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Look at all those Peanuts!  We put in about twice as many nuts as most recipes. The result – an exceptional brittle that is so very good.

“This is the best Peanut Brittle on the market. Even better than what I make.”  Mrs. F. Currigan, Fort Myers, FL

No. 98 - Home Box 2 Lb 12 Oz
No. 3098 - Case Of 3 No 98 Shipped To One Address
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We make our homemade peanut brittle the way it has been made for generations. First we slow cook the ingredients in one of our large mixers and then hand pull it on our own custom-made candy table. Our experience pulling brittle goes back to the 1950’s and we are sure that you will be able to tell the difference between Sunnyland’s and the kind you buy at the store in the same way you can tell the difference in a Sunnyland pecan versus a store bought pecan.

Our homemade peanut brittle has almost twice as many peanuts as most other brittles as well so you will be sure to taste the “peanut” in the peanut brittle. This gives our brittle an extra delicious, nutty taste that is crunchy down to the last piece. The result is an exceptional brittle that is so very good. Just make sure you get enough for everyone!

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Case of 3 No 98 shipped to one address, Home Box 2 lb 12 oz

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