Mixed Nuts

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Deluxe Mixed Nuts Buying Guide

Looking for gourmet mixed nuts for a gift? We have you covered with gift tins that are sure to impress as much as the quality of the product inside. Looking to buy bulk mixed nuts? Our economical home boxes provide you with the best bang for your buck. With three elegant mixes at various price points we are sure to have something to suit your needs! Free shipping every day – no minimum order needed.

Nut Mix Descriptions:

  • Heavenly MixThe gourmet nut mix. So outstanding we could not call it anything but Heavenly. We mix together Macadamia Nuts, Jumbo Cashews, Mammoth Georgia Pecan Halves, and Whole Almonds to make this, our most popular mix.  You won’t find a fancier, more elegant combination of toasted nuts. 
  • Royal MixWhat makes it “Royal?” All those beautiful Georgia Pecans, of course! Over 30% of this mix is Sunnyland Extra Fancy Mammoth Pecan Halves.  Then we  add Jumbo Cashews, crispy Whole Almonds, Tiny Brazils and Jumbo Hazelnuts. Each nut is roasted to perfection and carefully packed.  Just for you and just for those you want to treat ‘Royally.’
  • P’Nutty Mix: A super tasty, deluxe nut mix. We blend our finest Virginia Peanuts and our Redskin Spanish Peanuts (20% each) with our best-selling Royal Mix: (Jumbo Cashews, Mammoth Georgia Pecan Halves (a lot of pecans!), Extra Fancy Whole Almonds, Tiny Brazil Nuts and Jumbo Hazelnuts).