Almonds are also among the healthiest nuts in the nut family. They contain very beneficial amounts of protein, fiber, iron, zinc, and calcium (just to name a few). They’re perfect to have on hand when you reach that time of the day when you need a quick, tasty snack and you know you need to also grab something healthy.

Additional Information

Almonds are the most widely known and most widely grown tree nuts eaten by man. Botanically, these “nuts” are not actually nuts. They are a pit like those found in peaches, plums and apricots. This explains why they are firmer than true nuts like pecans and walnuts. The trees are bee-pollinated. The beautiful pink and white blossoms make orchards a fairyland in the spring and at harvest the nuts come in many sizes and forms. At Sunnyland Farms we offer almonds in a variety of ways: extra-large whole, toasted or natural; blanched slivered; and unblanched sliced.

The almond industry harvests over two billion pounds annually. And that is the nut meats! Compare that to the USDA reported figure for the pecan crop of 235 million pounds (in the shell)! These California treasures truly are heavily farmed and at Sunnyland we think we have the best almonds for sale anywhere!

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