Pecan Caramel Clusters

We can’t take credit for inventing pecan “turtles,” but we do stake the claim that our wildly popular pecan caramel clusters are the best you’ll find anywhere. Free shipping today.

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Showing all 6 results

Pecan “Turtles” Carmel Clusters – Sunnyland Farms

You’ll make everyone happy with this ever-popular chocolate candy. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate, our “pecan turtle” candy comes in all shapes and sizes. Our clusters are not mass produced, so they are not uniform. We do try and keep them as consistent as possible, and you can expect 18-20 clusters per pound. And unlike many other online sites, we know where each and every ingredient comes from (our farm or our trusted, vetted partners) and we have our hands in every part of the process. 

Each of our pecan caramel clusters are individually wrapped, which makes them a very popular gift at an affordable price. Stick them in Christmas stockings. Or, freeze them: the flavors just get better and more combined every time. The candy will be just as good when you grab one from the freezer as when you put it in. 

Free shipping – buy one of our gourmet clusters above today or call us with any questions. 

“I absolutely love the dark chocolate pecan clusters! There isn’t anywhere other than Sunnyland Farms to purchase these amazing little chocolate clusters. Don’t waste your will be so disappointed if you go anywhere else!”