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Congratulations to our Summer Giveaway Winner!!!

YETI winner Lucy Filler

We are thrilled to announce that Lucy Filler of Sacramento, California is the winner of our YETI cooler filled with Sunnyland treats!

When learning that she won she said this was a really nice EARLY 91st birthday surprise. We are happy to be part of her celebration.
CONGRATULATIONS from all your friends at Sunnyland Farms!!

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A Trip to China With US Pecans

Alex Shanghai
The Bund – Shanghai

I recently traveled to China with US Pecans, an industry effort to market pecans grown in the United States. The trip was broken into two parts, the SIAL Food Show in Shanghai followed by a visit to several pecan roasters in Lin’an in Zhejiang province. The experience was memorable both professionally as well as personally in a number of ways and I thought it would be great to share the highlights.  Continue reading A Trip to China With US Pecans

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Want to take just a minute to say Thank You to all the nice folks who made our recent stay in New York so special. Alex and I represented Sunnyland at our first trip to the International Restaurant and Food Service Show.


We had a great time sharing our excellent Sunnyland Pecans with visitors to the show, many who were trying Pecans for the first time. An unexpected treat were the folks who stopped by the booth who already knew us. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet some of our customers in person.  Continue reading

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How Cool is Hedging!?!

How cool is this machine! This is a Hedger trimming the limbs and tops of some of the older, larger trees in the Willson Farming Co. orchard. The trees you see here were planted in 1984 and have grown virtually untamed since then. While they make for a beautiful canopy they also hog the natural sunlight that other trees need to grow and bear fruit.

Continue reading How Cool is Hedging!?!

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“I Love Shipping”

Finally a chance to pause for a moment and reflect on this past year. Many of you already know, but if you did not… The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for us; and, this year was no exception. For that we owe our sincere thanks and appreciation to each of you our valued friends/family/customers.I love shipping

Throughout my career here at Sunnyland Farms, I have heard the story numerous times of Mr. Willson holding Mrs. Willson up so that she could squeeze one more package on the UPS trailer before the driver was allowed to pull off. As the Shipping Manager, I understand the significance of that moment. Personally, at the end of the day, there is/was no greater feeling than when you know you have done absolutely everything within your power to get every package on its way. It’s a great feeling when at the end of the day you know the job was well done. Continue reading “I Love Shipping”

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Gratitude – Jane Willson

Jane WillsonThis past week my grandmother Jane Willson passed away. Our family as well as the Sunnyland Family was touched by the number of calls, emails and Facebook messages we received wishing us well and offering sympathy. That outpouring of love would have made my grandmother proud and it certainly reaffirmed what we already believed: that Sunnyland Farms’ relationship with its customers is a two-way street. For us there is no greater compliment and we look forward to continuing that legacy. We truly appreciate You the Customer and look forward to serving you for years to come.


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A Legacy of Updates

1964 FamilyMy grandparents always considered Sunnyland Farms customers their friends which led to the creation of the Sunnyland Farms and Willson Family update sections in the annual catalog. In 1960 my grandfather, Harry Willson, wrote that my grandmother, Jane, was helping him again that year in the mail order after not being able to do so the prior year. Their first girl after having three boys had been born in late October, 1959. Many of Harry and Jane’s mail order friends wrote to congratulate them on their baby girl and to ask about the boys which led to Harry writing a few words about the family in the following year’s catalog. “The Willson Family Update” was born and later expanded to also include “The Sunnyland Farms” update. Continue reading A Legacy of Updates