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Virginia Peanuts

Virginia Peanuts – Toasted & Salted

Fine Virginia Runners, spin-blanched to remove husks; ready to munch on. They make the best peanut butter and are wonderful in Asian dishes, in your very own trail mix or just for good old fashioned snacking! 

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Home Box
Home Box
#259 - 4lb 4oz
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  • Description

    Product Description

    These peanuts are fine Virginia Runners that have been spin-blanched to remove the husks, then toasted to perfection and salted to enhance the flavor. Runner peanuts are known for their uniform kernel size (which allows for a more even toasting). Our Virginia peanuts are ready to snack on.

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  • Additional Information
    Packaging home box / bulk
    Ingredients peanuts
    Specialties salty, toasted
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    Virginia Peanuts T&S

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