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Nut Butter Duo

Pecan Butter and Cashew Butter

More and more folks are looking for healthier, more natural foods. Pecan Butter and NEW Cashew Butter are excellent options. Our Nut Butter Duo features one 8 oz jar of our very own Pecan Butter, made with Georgia grown pecans and one 8 oz jar of Cashew Butter, made with plump tasty cashews. 

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Nut Butter Duo
Nut Butter Duo
Trio Gift Crate
Trio Gift Crate
Nut Butter Duo
#65 - 2 8oz jars 1 of each pecan and cashew butter
Trio Gift Crate
#365 - three 8oz jars 1 of each pecan butter, cashew butter and mayhaw jelly

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Nut butter is a great way to start the day! And with our Nut Butter Duo you can mix up your routine, with our fresh Pecan Butter and tasty Cashew Butter. Our Nut Butters are also ideal for cooking and baking and make a unique gift.

    Packaging Options

    Our Nut Butter Duo comes in a number of gifting options. Choose from Two 8 oz jars of cashew butter in a home box. Perfect for cashew lovers! Or try our classic Nut Butter Duo, One 8 oz Jar of Cashew Butter and One 8 oz Jar of Pecan Butter. For those of you who want even more nut butter, we encourage you to try our Gift Crate featuring an 8 oz Jar of Cashew Butter, an 8 Oz Jar of Pecan Butter and an 8 oz Jar of Mayhaw Jelly. 

  • Additional Information
    Packaging home box / bulk
    Ingredients pecans
    Specialties sweet, toasted, gift
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