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Extra Fancy Large Pecan Pieces

Big, beautiful pecans which just happened to break in the shelling process (about 25% do). They are the same No. 1 bright Extra Fancy quality as our Mammoth Halves.

These delicious Large Pecan Pieces are great for eating out of hand or for using in your favorite recipes.  Crunchy good in pies, cookies.  Wonderful in homemade candy.   Keep a supply in your freezer and enjoy ever-ready pecans all year.

“Just a note to say - we love your outstanding pecans! We enjoy them year ’round and are so glad we found you.  I am a native Georgian and know the best pecans come from Georgia.”         Mrs. N. Pleasant, Lancaster, CA


No. 50 Home Box Net wt 2 lb 14 oz $47.05 Add To Cart
No. 51 Home Box Net wt 5 lb 8 oz $73.60 Add To Cart
No. 52 Home Box Net wt 10 lb $118.95 Add To Cart
No. 53 Giant Economy Box Net wt 25 lb $268.55 Add To Cart


No. 4050 Case of 4 No 50 shipped to one address $165.60 Add To Cart
No. 6050 Case of 6 No 50 shipped to one address $237.10 Add To Cart
No. 3051 Case of 3 No 51 shipped to one address $200.90 Add To Cart
For Mixed Cases call 1-800-999-2488

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