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Dear Friend,

Fall is almost here and, as happens every year, we are getting excited as we anticipate the new shipping season.  We look forward each Fall to hearing from the many of you who have ordered from us for lo these many years. We say a heartfelt "Greetings once again, and Thanks."  To you to whom Sunnyland is new, I want to tell you something about who we are and what we have to offer you.  I hope you too will become an "old" friend.

Sunnyland Farms mail order started in 1948 when members of my college alumnae club asked if we could supply them with pecans from Harry's family's orchard for a fund-raising project.  Harry figured if they wanted fresh pecans direct from the orchard, other folks probably would too. So he put a couple of ads in magazines and sent out a letter to a list of people he hoped would want pecans. And they did! Sunnyland Farms mail order was up and running.

More and more people began ordering our two products – Pecans in-the-shell and Mammoth Pecan Halves. So we added more selections. First, Pecan Pieces and then Toasted Pecan Halves. We took the natural pecans home, toasted them in our oven and cooled them on the kitchen table (still a mighty good way to toast nuts). One thing that we at Sunnyland remain fussy and old-fashioned about is the quality of our products. We try to be sure every nut and fruit you get from Sunnyland is the brightest, freshest and tastiest you can find anywhere. We buy from growers who take the same loving care of their crops that we do of our pecans. All of us want to be sure that everything you get from us is orchard-fresh and Sunnyland-good.





I fully and unconditionally guarantee each package and its contents. If a package is lost or damaged, or if you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, I will replace the box or refund your money - and you keep the box. You do not have to return it to us.

  • To the 49 continental US states we pay regular ground shipping, all handling and insurance charges.
  • To Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, we ship only by Post Office Priority Mail; add 30%.
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express





All prices include ground delivery to the 49 continental US states.
To HI, PR, VI we ship only by Post Office Priority Mail; add 30%.
All prices are good for shipments delivered by August 31, 2014.